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Microsoft Project is a software tool to manage projects. It allows to create schedules, stick to the workflow, manage budget, assign tasks, and many more. As it is a member of the MS family, it is intuitively understandable for those who ever used Office packet. It resembles Excel extended with a big amount of additional management tools. The documents made in MS Project have .mpp extension.

It is worth telling that this solution is not free, so it may be pretty expensive to have the product for each team member, especially when the most part of the team will need only some basic functions like to see the project to get to know the progress.

This is when this set of applications to manage MPP files comes in handy. With it, you can view the content of the files, convert them to a more supported in your organization format, lock and unlock them or get their metadata. All these features are available online and for free. You will only need a browser to work.

All the offers here functionality can be built into your own product/solution. To do this go to the Documentation chapter to learn the details.

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