About Unlock and Password Remover

UnLock and Password Remover is a tool for quick decryption documents online. Our web applications use powerful Aspose.PDF API and demonstrate fast speed and high qualtity for any files.

You can easily encrypt your files in PDF or other formats.

Are you a developer? Perhaps, you may be interested in how it works. So, please follow the Documentation link and you can learn more.

Unlock or Remove Password from document in PDF or other formats is a useful simple application that allows you to remove the password from an encrypted document. Let's suppose you have a password-protected PDF document that was important some time ago and therefore was password-protected, but today the document has lost its importance and a password is no longer needed to open or edit the document. Our utility will remove the password from PDF document. Just upload your document, enter your password and click the "Unlock" button. The document will be sent to our server, we will decrypt your document using the specified password and provide you with the document without password protection. Also, this application for password removing can remove a password without specifying a password – you just have to choose the function "I forgot my password" from checkbox, but note that it works only for non-encrypted documents. You can remove password from documents of all popular formats, we support PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and works on any operating system Windows, MacOs, Linux or Android. Your files are stored on our servers for a limited time and no one has access to them without a special encrypted link. You can also use the "Remove immediately" function and your files will be deleted immediately. Another useful function of our applications is sending the result by mail. After unlocking the document, you can specify your email or the email of your colleague and an encrypted download link will be sent to the mail you specified.